Our Story



“Fashion is my playground but I live in style.”

- Stephanie 



Born a true Sagittarius, Stephanie knew at the age of 12 she was going to be a fashion designer. Throughout her life she pursued this dream, never being deterred, and now she is a self taught designer and the creator of House of Hoyden. 

House of Hoyden provides an evolving look at the designer herself. A house built on luxury, quality and simplicity.  

Here at House of Hoyden we have spent our time trying to produce good quality denim that stands the test of time. We’re proud to say that we have nailed it.

Our hats have been produced with a similar ethos in mind. Pair our jeans with one of our hats to stand out from the crowd.

Our pieces have been designed to last you a lifetime and provide you with a piece of luxury. Whether it be work drinks or a weekend away with the girls, we’ll be there. 

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